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      Accelerating innovation through genetically engineered mouse models and preclinical solutions

      GemPharmatech has created a collection of over 20,000+ genetically engineered mouse models (GEMMs) for research and drug development.
      • Knockout & Conditional Knockout Mouse Models

        GemPharmatech's ambitious Knockout All Project (KOAP) aims to create knockout (KO) and conditional knockout (cKO) mouse strains for all ~23,000 protein coding genes in the mouse genome. Our specialized gene editing platform enables the production of over 6,000 new mutant strains annually, generating KO and cKO mice quickly and efficiently. To date, we have successfully targeted nearly 10,000 genes, providing researchers with knockout mouse models and conditional knockout mouse models for a wide range of research fields, including oncology, autoimmunity, metabolism, and neurodegeneration. Our ultimate goal at GemPharmatech is to provide our customers with the best mouse tools to accelerate their biomedical discovery and drug development.
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      • Disease Mouse Models

        GemPharmatech has developed numerous disease mouse models using various modeling technologies, including transgenic (Tg), knockout (KO), and knockin (KI). These models can be utilized for disease-related research applications such as metabolism, tumors, immunology, and neurology.

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      • Germ-Free Mouse Models

        Germ-free (GF) mice are laboratory animals that have no detected living?organisms (including any?microorganisms or?parasites) internally or externally, based on the currently available detection methods.
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      • Tool Mice

        Genetic engineering with the Cre-lox system is a powerful and indispensable method to unveil gene function, especially in model animals. GemPharmatech has generated more than 200 Cre and 9 Dre/DreER mouse strains which have been carefully designed for efficient and reliable Cre-mediated recombination in vivo.
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      • Immunodeficient Mouse Models

        Due to advancements in molecular biology techniques, the number of immunodeficient mouse strains has increased, playing a crucial role in fields such as immunology, oncology, stem cell biology, and infectious diseases. GemPharmatech has developed 26 severe immunodeficient mouse models for a wide range of scientific applications.
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      • The Wild Mouse Project

        Wild mice, different from laboratory inbred mice, survive in natural habitats and must adapt to numerous environmental stressors, resulting in greater genetic diversity, including single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs), deletions, and duplication of genomic sequences. According to previous studies, wild mice have varying susceptibilities to infectious diseases and may better mimic humans for preclinical drug screening and adverse?effect assessment.
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      • NeoMab? Antibody Fully-Humanized Mouse Models

        The NeoMab? mouse retains native mouse constant region encoding genes while incorporating human variable gene repertoires into endogenous loci of BALB/c mouse.
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