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        CDX Cell Lines

        Cell line-derived xenograft models (CDX models) are in vivo models where human-derived tumor cells are transplanted into the subcutis of mice for efficacy evaluation or tumor-related research; It is one of the most frequently used in vivo models for preclinical analyses of anticancer medicines.

        GemPharmatech's extensive selection of CDX cell lines, including pancreatic cancer, breast cancer, colon cancer, lung cancer, and lymphoma, can accommodate the requirements of various pharmacodynamic and efficacy investigations. On top of this wide selection, GemPharmatech has engineered 32 CDX cell lines with luciferase to enable non-invasive tumor volume analysis using bioluminescence. 

        Cancer TypeUnmodified Cell LineLuciferase-Tagged Cell Line
        AdemocarcimomaCalu-3, NCI-H1666, NCI-H441,NCI-H1650
        Acute Myeloid LeukemiaMOLM13, OCIAML3
        Anaplastic CarcinomaCalu-6
        Barett AdenocarcinomaOE33
        Bladder CancerUM-UC-3, HT1376, RT4, T24, RT112/84
        Brain CancerU251, U-87 MG
        Breast CancerBT-20, BT-474, BT-549, HCC1937, HCC1954, HCC1569, Hs 578T, JIMT-1, MCF7, MDA-MB-175VII, MDA-MB-231, MDA-MB-436, MDA-MB-453, MDA-MB-468, SK-BR-3, HCC70, T47DMDA-MB-468-Luc, MDA-MB-231-Luc, MCF-Luc
        Clear Cell CarcinomaEs-2
        Colorectal CancerColo205, HCT-116, HT29, HT-55,  LoVo, LS174T, RKO, SW48
        Colorectal Cancer; Dukes' Type CLs1034
        Colorectal Cancer; Dukes' Type C, Grade IIISW948
        Colorectal Cancer; Dukes' Type BSW480
        Colon Cancer
        HT-29-Luc, HCT116-Luc, RKO-Luc
        Colon AdenocarcinomaCOLO-320
        Duodenal CancerHuTu 80
        Endometrial CarcinomaHEC-1-A
        Gastric CancerHs 746T, MKN45, NCI-N87, SGC-7901, SNU-16, KATOIII, NUGC4
        U251-Luc, U87 MG-Luc
        LeukemiaHL-60, Jurkat, K562, MOLT-4, MV-4-11, Nalm-6, SUP-B15, THP-1, CCRF-CEM, Hut78, TF1, Hs 505.TNalm6-Luc, K562-Luc, MOLM 13-Luc, HL60-Luc, MV-4-11-Luc, Jurkat-Luc
        Liver CancerHepG2, Huh7Huh7-Luc, HepG2-Luc
        Lung Cancer
        A549-Luc, NCI-H82, NCI-H2171
        LymphomaU937, NK92, Jeko-1, Daudi, Ramos, JVM-2, KAPPAS 299, Raj, SU-DHL-10, SU-DHL-16, U-2932, L-540Raji-Luc, U-937-Luc, MM.1S-Luc, Jeko-Luc, Thp-1-Luc, Daudi-Luc, Ramos
        MelanomaA375, COLO829, SK-MEL-28, SK-MEL-5A375-Luc
        Multiple MyelomaNCI-H929, MM.1R, MOLP-8, RPMI-8226,  MM.1SRPMI8226-Luc
        NeuroblastomaIMR-32, SK-N-BE(2)
        NSCLCA549, HCC-827, NCI-H1703, NCI-H1755, NCI-H1975, NCI-H2122, NCI-H358, NCI-H460, NCI-H1299, NCI-H647
        Ovarian CancerOVCAR-3, SK-OV-3, TOV-112DSKOV3-Luc, OVCAR-Luc
        Pancreatic CancerAsPC-1, BxPC-3, CAPAN-1, CFPAC-1, HPAC, MIA PaCa-2, PANC-1, SW1990PANC-Luc
        Prostate Cancer22RV1, LNCaP, PC-3, LNCaP C4-2B
        Pulmonary Mucoepidermoid CarcinomaNCI-H226, NCI-H292, NCI-H727, NCI-H69
        Renal CarcinomaACHN, 786-O
        SarcomaHT1080, SJSA-1, U-2 OS
        SCLCDMS-53, NCI-2171, NCI-H446, NCI-H526, NCI-H82, SHP-77
        Skin CancerA431
        Submandibular Adenosquamous CarcinomaA253
        Squamous Cell CarcinomaFaDu
        Tongue Squamous Cell CarcinomaCal 27
        Uterine Cancer


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